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the new authentic

beyond farm to table - the artisan kitchen

We are proud to represent contemporary Italian cuisine and bring our country's rich heritage to Miami 2020's. 


Our mission above all at Toscana Divino, is to cook and serve the highest quality ingredients with integrity and tradition to our guests.


As responsible hosts, we aim to offer an experience educating diners on what they are eating, as food is the foundation of life.


It is our belief that a holistic approach to food encompassing the enjoyment of the dining experience, as well as a responsibility to sourcing and preparing food for the betterment of future generations is extremely important.


Health, well being, and happiness is the framework of Toscana Divino.



Our ingredients are thoughtfully selected with an emphasis on seasonality and proximity to our restaurant. Flour from heirloom grains, produce direct from farms, meat from all natural livestock, and our fish from local waters.


We embrace the "farm to table" movement because that is how our food system functions in Italy and that idea is vindicated by the quality, flavor, and freshness exemplified in the ingredients.


To create the most enjoyable plates for our guests these qualities are paramount to our cuisine. We believe that not only flavor, but what we nourish our bodies with is important for our health, peace of mind, and to support our agricultural community for the betterment of the future generations.


This strong philosophy that guides us in our daily efforts to accomplish this mission can constantly be discovered in our artisanal past.


"Fatto in casa" ... The tradition of making everything possible in house, is a characteristic of Italian cuisine derived from the hardworking generations over the years.


We grew up with mamma and nonna making fresh pasta and baking bread at home every sunday. The smell of hearty herbs infusing their aromas into a slab of beef roasting over an untamed fire.

Ever changing seasonal produce always on the table awaiting it's culinary fate.

Working with the local farming community to bring ingredients to the plate with a contemporary twist is the new, authentic Toscana Divino.


Our strong familial Italian culture drives us to prepare our products in house. From our bakery-focaccia and grissini, we churn butter, ferment and age vinegars, cure meats as prosciutto cotto, porchetta and beef heart pastrami. We do all of this to capture the soul of the Italian kitchen, and because for us, it's how we were raised.


We respect the role of farming without the use of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms because of the value to our society and future generations. Our animals are purchased whole, using all parts of the respected animal to make our own cured meats, ragus, appetizers, and entrees. We produce ricotta cheese using domestic unpasteurized cows milk free of antibiotics and hormones.


We distill our limoncello in our wine cellar with key west limes and make traditional amaro with herbs grown in our gardens at Ironside. Local fruits and vegetables are used to prepare our salads, garnishes, desserts and cocktails. Some of which we preserve in various ways to be able to serve them after the growing season for your enjoyment.



To demonstrate our mission, we have organized a monthly cooking class focused on the “artisan Italian kitchen”. We will be teaching our guests how to make bread, pasta by hand, the essential techniques to prepare a memorable ragù, as well as how to make an extraordinary gelato. By demonstrating the passion and simplicity behind the preparation of these authentic products we hope to connect our guests to the feeling of family traditions that we hold so dear at Toscana Divino, in turn creating an intrinsic value of food for all.


Because the goal of our artisan cooking classes is to enrich the lives of families and is not a financially motivated idea, we are proud to support "No Kid Hungry" by donating 100% of the income from the cooking classes to this important foundation. There are 47 million people in the US alone suffering from hunger, the majority of which are children and we believe it is our responsibility as a community to help in this fight and together with our guests we can make a difference.

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